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Business Planning 


Our business and corporate law practice assists clients in all aspects of legal representation. Our knowledge and experience in business law give our clients a distinct advantage, whether they are forming a business, planning for growth, acquisition or sale.From the first stages of formation, we can provide valuable representation, including entity selection, drafting of formation and shareholder/owner agreements, and shareholder/owner estate planning and wealth preservation. Many of our clients are growing Washington businesses, and they look to us for advice in several areas of the law that may affect their business, from employment law to entity reorganization. We have also represented numerous buyers and sellers of businesses, who benefit from our experience, knowledge, negotiation skills and the efficient manner in which we prepare documents. Our experience in and knowledge of all important areas of business law gives our clients a distinct advantage, whether in forming a business, planning to grow that business or acquiring or selling a business.


Organization and Formation


We have extensive experience in the formation and maintenance of corporations and limited liability companies. We have drafted numerous formation documents, from the most simple to complex documents involving significant negotiation and research. We regularly advise clients regarding operational and transfer issues. Our corporate clients include small and single owner entities as well as many larger privately held companies. We have advised companies regarding planning, financing and operating the successful business.


General Business and Corporate Law


Much of our business practice is devoted to advising regarding general business issues which every business must consider. For many of our clients, we have a daily dialogue advising on routine but important matters that face every growing business. Our background in corporate law permits us to continually evaluate our client’s decisions in the context of the rights and duties of corporate officers, directors and shareholders. 

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