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Estate Planning 


Our Estate Planning practice provides assistance to clients and their families not only in the management of their financial and personal resources during lifetime, but also in the effective transfer of their assets at death. We strive to provide exceptional personal service to our clients in this very personal area of need. Our services include estate planning for taxable and non-taxable estates, and the administration of estates and trusts.



Wills and Trusts


We analyze each client’s individual needs and prepare an estate plan that accomplishes the goals of that particular client, rather than adopting a “one size fits all” mentality. Through the use of wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, family limited liability companies and other techniques, we assist our clients in reducing the impact of federal and state transfer taxes on family wealth. We also advise clients on methods of planning for possible incapacity during lifetime. We also organize and assist in the administration of closely held business entities through the use of buy-sell agreements and other techniques for the effective transfer of family businesses.


Probate and Estate Administration


We represent clients in the probate of wills, as well as in proceedings to determine the heirs of decedents dying without a will. We assist personal representatives of estates in all matters involved in the administration of an estate, including the collection of claims both by and against the estate, and the proper distribution of estates to the estate beneficiaries.


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